The ultimate stylish flat roofing system, with a built-in 25-year guarantee.

With full BBA Certification and a 25-year product and craftsmanship guarantee, Topseal represents the ultimate stylish flat roofing system that money can buy. Developed and manufactured in the by a leading team of scientists and product engineers and installed by fully trained and approved installers all over the UK, a Topseal GRP roofing system is designed to provide complete waterproof protection for 100-years or more.

With more than 1,000 different combinations of colours, styles and finishes available, your finished Topseal installation will provide a sense of perfection and style that only Topseal can deliver. Whether it’s a small dormer or porch, new-build, green roof, historic building, or iconic cutting-edge architecture, Topseal’s versatility will ensure that it fits in seamlessly with your plans.

The Topseal quality promise is second-to-none. Support is provided by a UK-based customer & technical support team plus an extensive network of highly trained and approved Topseal installers. With Topseal, you’re guaranteed to have the ultimate flat roof in the UK and, one which will stand the test of time.

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Constructed from the highest quality components, a Topseal flat roof is durable enough to provide waterproofing protection through the worst weather from arctic conditions to desert temperatures and everything in between.

The BBA approved materials used within a Topseal flat roof ensures that you can have complete peace of mind when specifying your new roofing system, as the materials are all traceable through each trained and approved Topseal roofing contractor right back to their source of manufacture.

A Topseal flat roof can be designed to suit almost any specification, with a choice of ultra-modern, hard wearing and stylish options of colours and finishes (including non-slip) that will all protect your structure for decades to come and help to create a superb looking building. We are also able to provide flat roof replacement services where necessary.

Your new roof will look great, giving you the style and design that you’re looking for, a proven lifespan in excess of 100 years and all protected with a 25 year materials and workmanship guarantee from your installer.

Flat Roofing Systems, Products & Materials

Topseal offers a full range of flat roofing systems to suit almost any application from small domestic refurbishment projects to large scale commercial roofs.

Topseal fibreglass roofing is most commonly used for domestic flat roofs including: extensions, garages, dormer roofs, parapet walls, gulleys, gutters, conservatories/orangeries, traditional or modern applications and tricky detail of any shape or sizes.

Our roofs are quick, safe and easy to install as a cold or warm roof (with or without insulation) and with a choice of over 1,000 different colour and finish options you can specify the flat roofing materials to produce the look you want.

Topseal flat roofing materials are frequently used for large scale commercial projects particularly those with complex and tricky technical detail. Tanking, lining, gutters, gulleys, pipes and any pitch to vertical are all possible with Topseal.

Many Topseal glassfibre roofing applications include partial or complete replacement for lead and copper with new roofing systems, including gutter linings and particularly complicated detail work. Topseal roofing materials can be used to simulate rolled rib joints and has been used on a number of projects for listed buildings. The roof can be topcoated with a lead grey or copper green finish to give a result that gives the appearance of lead or copper without the toxic water run-off, high theft risk and without the premium for extended skilled labour time and escalating cost for the materials.

For applications subject to heavy foot traffic such as walkways or balconies the Topseal HD system is recommended.

The Topseal HD laminate is available in the full range of colours with two choices of finish, coloured aggregate and coated non-slip.

Our coloured finish is an aggregate coating which will provide extra grip over our standard smooth finish and is available in any of our range of colours, ideal for balconies that also function as flat roofs.

The coated finish is a durable non-slip finish which can be incorporated into a specifically masked-off path or walkway area. The chosen colour is visible as a smooth or coloured aggregate finish on the remaining perimeter Ballustrade supports can also be easily incorporated into the laminate and existing flat roof areas can be transformed into a terrace of roof garden.

Topseal HD can also be finished with decking or promenade tiles applied over the top. For any applications which require critical water retention such as ponds or pools Topseal Double-top system is recommended.

Topseal GreenTop is the perfect choice for a complete Green Roofing system. Topseal GreenTop is specified with our DoubleTop laminate and combined with our own sedum green roof or optional wildflower roof. They are a perfect combination if you want to ensure your Green Roof remains watertight and look great for decades to come.

Roofing Contractors / Installers / Flat Roof Replacement

Only roofing installers who have been trained and approved by Topseal Systems are authorised to install the Topseal fibreglass roofing system. In order to achieve approved status each operative must pass a comprehensive training course, which includes theory and practical elements for installation with the full range of Topseal flat roofing products, customer service and sales modules which culminates in a final assessment on their performance. Following a positive appraisal of their ability on three further roofs they are then approved as Topseal Installers. From this point every Installer is given industry leading support in all aspects of their operation.

Each job carried out by a Topseal Installer is assessed through follow-up courtesy calls and routine customer satisfaction surveys as well as random on-site inspections to ensure that every Topseal installation is carried out to the same high standard.

Topseal strives towards maintaining a first class network of approved roofing contractors all over the UK who value their accreditation and have the same pride in their workmanship when installing new roofing systems and passion for the product as we do. You may check a Topseal Installer’s status at any time by entering the installer’s approval number into our Installer verification database to the left of this page. This database is an up to date record of all installers registered with us for approval at that time.

The verification database will provide you with the Installer’s Company name and area of operation. This system serves to confirm that you are dealing with a genuine Topseal approved roofing contractor you can trust and serves as protection for anyone approached by a roofing contractor wrongly passing themselves or their product off as Topseal.

Hopefully you can now see some of the reasons why we are the leading provider of fiberglass (or GRP) flat roofing systems in the UK.

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