• About Topseal

    The UK’s leading GRP flat roofing company. Topseal GRP roofing systems have been installed on millions of square meters of roofs over the last 20 years all over the UK.

  • Topseal –The Ultimate in waterproofing systems

    A Topseal roof represents the pinnacle of GRP roofing technology, guaranteed to last a generation, designed to last a life time.

    With full BBA certification and up to 40 years materials and workmanship guarantee (with Topseal DoubleTop), Topseal is the ultimate, stylish roofing system. The Topseal roofing system is installed nationwide and has a proven pedigree as a waterproofing material with an expected lifespan of 100 plus years.

    A Topseal roof consists of specially formulated Topseal roofing resin and topcoat cold-applied on site with our heavyweight GRP edge trims to create a bespoke, seamless roof to suit the application.

Technical Details

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Standard 450 gsm reinforcement mat for all general applications. Topseal will tolerate occasional foot traffic and is suitable for standard roofing installations. Comes with a 25 year guarantee.

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Suitable for Heavy Duty applications (600 gsm reinforcement mat). Topseal HD is recommended for uses where foot traffic is frequent, for example when used for balconies, walkways and stairs in domestic or commercial applications. . It is supplied with a 30 year guarantee for roofing applications and 25 year guarantee for applications subject to frequent foot traffic.

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Extra reinforced protection (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) to provide a guaranteed waterproof barrier for permanent water containment in critical applications for example in ponds and pools. Supplied with a 25 year guarantee. This system can also be used for roofing applications and comes with a 40 year guarantee.

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A complete green roofing system with built-in DoubleTop protection, (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) providing permanent water containment and a complete sedum or wildflower green roof system. Supplied with a 25 year guarantee

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Topseal Direct Lay primer is laid directly onto a clean, dry and structurally sound substrate (concrete, felt, asphalt and tissue-back insulation). Used with 600 g/m2 reinforcement mat, and Topseal resin, topcoat and trims. This Topseal system provides you with an overlay flat roofing system suitable for refurbishment and new build roofs. Supplied with a 20 year guarantee.