Topseal flat roofing, GRP roofing manufacturer

About Topseal - The Company

Topseal is the UK’s premier GRP roofing company, providing the most advanced GRP roofing systems on the market, through a network of highly trained and approved installers.

The company’s UK-based research and development team continue to develop innovative GRP roofing products and gained full BBA Certification for the original wet-laid Topseal GRP roofing system in 1992.

With a full research and development team, manufacturing facilities, quality control, customer service, training, administration and a nationwide network of Topseal approved installers, Topseal is a true end-to-end GRP roofing system provider.

Topseal GRP roofing systems are available with a guarantee on materials and craftsmanship with optional insurance backing with our Guarantee Protection Scheme, giving you the reliability, security and peace of mind you’d expect from the UK’s leading supplier of premier GRP roofing systems to the public, architects and specifiers.

About Topseal - The Ultimate GRP Roofing System

Topseal is the finest roofing system that money can buy. Installed exclusively by a UK network of fully trained and approved installers, the Topseal system is the premier high-performance GRP waterproofing system designed specifically for roofs, flat roofs, green roofs, balconies, walkways, ponds and unique architectural features.

When used for GRP flat-roofing applications, the system is completely BBA Certified and is guaranteed for product performance and workmanship for 25-years, although the system itself is expertly engineered to continue to provide waterproofing protection for 100 years or more.

Available in over 1,000 different combinations of colours and specialist finishes, you’re free to select any BS4800 colour; a premium standard, HD (Heavy Duty), Green Top or Double Top roof specification dependent on the intended application and; a standard smooth, coated aggregate or non-slip finish as a warm or cold roof. The Topseal website and the UK network of fully trained and approved Topseal installers can help you to decide on the best solution for you.

The Topseal GRP roofing system consists of Topseal developed and approved products, available only through approved installers. The system is applied on-site and forms a continuous, completely waterproof laminate, guaranteed for 25-years. Whatever the complexities of your roof or building project, with Topseal there’s no seals, no welds and no joints, just a perfect roof, every time.

The Topseal System - In Detail

Topseal is manufactured and installed to individual specifications. As it is formed on site it is essentially a bespoke roof to suit the application. For a more extensive list of uses, see the Topseal Products section of this website. The product range is as follows:


Standard 450 gsm reinforcement mat for all general applications. Topseal will tolerate occasional foot traffic and is suitable for standard roofing installations.

Topseal HD

Suitable for Heavy Duty applications (600 gsm reinforcement mat). Topseal HD is recommended for uses where foot traffic is frequent, for example when used for balconies, walkways and stairs in domestic or commercial applications.

Topseal DoubleTop

Extra reinforced protection (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) to provide a guaranteed waterproof barrier for permanent water containment in critical applications for example in ponds and pools.

Topseal GreenTop

A complete green roofing system with built-in DoubleTop protection, (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) providing permanent water containment and a complete sedum or wildflower green roof system.