Interested in becoming a Topseal Approved Installer?

Are you interested in your company becoming an approved installer of Topseal fibreglass flat roofing systems?

Topseal ‘Approved Installer’ status represents the highest standard of GRP roofing installer. All Topseal installers are independent roofing contractors and companies that have passed our selection process, training program and subsequent surveys and inspections to deliver a consistent and excellent standard of workmanship and service.

As an applicant you will undergo a steep learning curve to prove your ability on our training course and maintain those standards for subsequent inspections to attain status as a Topseal Approved Installer. Our process requires you to show commitment and a desire to work hard to produce high quality results and maintain those standards throughout your business. in return you will receive all the support and back-up you require to offer the level of service and workmanship expected for demanding, highly-specified projects combined with an array of benefits including sales leads.

We receive a large number of applications for our courses. Many applicants do not meet the selection criteria and some of those selected do not meet the standards set during the training program, so you should be sure of your commitment before making an application. A good starting point for many successful applicants is that they are tradespeople with well-established, financially-sound businesses who understand that customer service is as important as their own standards of workmanship and demonstrate this through their current trade.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a Topseal approved installer, contact us on 08000 831 094 for further details on the application process.

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All Topseal installers are allocated a unique verification number. This is to ensure you are dealing with a genuine Topseal installer

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