Simulated Lead/Copper

Topseal fibreglass roofing system is used extensively as lead substitute roofing and copper substitute roofing for roofs, gutter linings and complex architectural detail work. For listed buildings Topseal can also be used to simulate rolled joints without seams. Colour matching can be achieved by using a topcoat with a lead grey or copper green finish providing like-for-like appearance and long lasting performance with a guarantee of up to 40 years.

Topseal is also free from toxic water runoff associated with lead and copper and deters criminal damage due to its high durability and low effective scrap value.

If you require lead substitute roofing or copper substitute roofing, talk to Topseal today.

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Guarantee Period/System

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25 year materials and workmanship guarantee

30 year materials and workmanship guarantee

40 year materials and workmanship guarantee

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Roof Type

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Warm roof

(insulation incorporated into roof build-up, rather than just between the joints) - for most domestic within the main structure of the building

Cold Roof

For garages or other stuctures outside of the main structure of the building

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This is the standard effect finish, suitable for most types of conditions. The finish is smooth.


Coated aggregate is a type of non-slip coating which is incorporated into the final layer of topcoat for a coloured slip-resistant finish.


A non-slip finish is an exposed non-slip finish, which is the most effective and recommended for areas of regular foot traffic.

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