Flat Roof Installation

Flat Roof Installation

Topseal is the UK’s leading flat roofing range of products. Our range – from Topseal Standard through to Double Top, a flat roof that comes with a 40-year-guarantee – has been installed across  millions of square metres of roof over the past 20 years.

We will give further details about the products lower down in this page, but we appreciate that the flat roof installation is every bit as important as the roofing itself. We are also aware that our reputation as the UK’s leading flat roofing supplier relies on the installation as well as the product.

Any company undertaking flat roof installation of Topseal products must first have undergone training at our dedicated centre. We will test the quality of their work and also pay site visits to their first jobs. Only after early jobs have been thoroughly checked can they operate as approved Topseal installers.

Given the length of our guarantees, this vetting is essential, you can’t offer guarantees of up to 40 years on both materials and fitting if you then have lots of issues to deal with.


Flat Roof Installation – Lengthy Guarantees


At Topseal, we give the lengthy guarantees but we also expect any roof to last well beyond this, we expect any of our flat roofs to last a lifetime.

This is true for any type of flat roof installation, whether it is the Standard Topseal, on a domestic extension for example, Topseal HD or Double Top perhaps in a commercial setting or Topseasl Direct Lay, this an option for flat roof repairs.

We have examples of flat roof installations across a range of projects in our Case Studies section of the site.

These case studies show how Topseal has been used across commercial and domestic buildings, with different products used depending on the requirements. In some cases, the roof acted as a balcony and so the Topseal HD system was used, this harder wearing than the Standard option.

Harlow Oval Court is a good example of the standard system, providing a superb, watertight roof for an apartment block where the old roof had fallen into disrepair.

Often, though, Direct Lay is a suitable installation for a repair. This innovative system can be applied over the failed roof and so saves on both time and money, yet the finish is of the same high quality, a single watertight flat roof with no joins and guaranteed for both materials and workmanship for 20 years.

Whichever option is most suitable – and we are happy to offer advice over the phone on 01423 886495 or online – you will get a flat roof installation that is cold applied, and so there is no risk of damage to the roof.


Flat Roof Installation – Approved Fitters


Our roofs are fully BBA Certified, fire retardant and fully UV resistant. Aesthetically, they are available in more than 1,000 colours and specialist finishes are available too, this including a GreenTop system.

We believe that anyone looking for a flat roof installation should only have to do it once – to facilitate this aim we can advise you on the best choice of system, help you find an approved local installer and then give you the peace of mind of a guarantee against workmanship and materials that lasts for decades.

The first step is to call us on 01423 884495 or contact us online using the dedicated form.

If you need further information about flat roof installation and the Topseal systems, please have. A look at the key links below. This includes details of flat roof specification.

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