Flat Roof Repair – Your Best Choice in the UK

Flat Roof Repair – Your Best Choice in the UK

Topseal’s Direct Lay system is the leading choice for anyone requiring flat roof repairs


At Topseal, we have been the UK’s leading flat roofing supplier for decades with our roofing products installed over millions of square metres of roof in the UK.


Our flat roofing systems are suitable for any type of project, from domestic extensions through to huge commercial buildings and also buildings with bespoke requirements.

All of our roofs come with guarantees that last for decades, every roof is expected to last a lifetime.


Revolution in Flat Roofing Repair


In our Direct Lay system, we have developed an option that has revolutionised flat roof repair by using the structure of the failed roof to be the basis for a new watertight roof.


This form of repair to flat roofing leaves a roof that is watertight against leaks and guaranteed for decades against damage; yet expense and disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.


As with all Topseal roofs, the Direct Lay is cold applied to form a single roofing membrane, with no joins or weak spots. The existing roof structure is used and the new roof created on top, there is no need to remove the old roof and start from scratch.


Our approach means that the building can often remain in use, this can be important to businesses who require a repair to the flat roof on their premises and yet do not want to shut their doors to customers.


The Topseal Direct Lay is fully BBA-certified and comes with a 20-year guarantee of workmanship and material performance; as with all Topseal roofs we expect it to last a lifetime.


You can see further technical information on the Direct Lay flat roof repair page on site.


It is also possible to see Case Studies of how Direct Lay has been used on projects, Driffield School and St Andrew’s Church two examples to look for.


Call us on 01423 886495 or visit our Contact Page for further details.



Flat Roof Repair – Installed By Experts


At Topseal we are also aware that the installation of the roof is every bit as important as the quality of the product. Given the length of our guarantees, it is vital that every repair is done to the highest of standards.


To ensure that quality, we only allow approved installers to work with Topseal products – to become approved any potential installer has to have attended our training courses and also had their early work scrutinised.


To find out if any local installer is verified, enter their verification number into our Contact Page – alternatively simply call us on 01423 886495 and we will be happy to put you in touch with local installers and also answer any queries you may have.  We would, of course, be happy to create an obligation free quote for you.


For a sense of the versatility of Topseal Roofs in general and the Direct Lay flat roof system specifically, head to our picture gallery. Here you can see a wide range of refurbishment roofs. With all of them, if you didn’t know they were repaired flat roof, you would never know. The end product has the same aesthetic appeal of any new roof.


The Most Popular Flat Roof Repair


Since 1992, our roofing products have been used on thousands of projects across the UK and in recent years the Direct Lay system has emerged as the most popular choice for repairing any failed flat roof.


We believe that ours is a system with huge advantages. It meets all regulations, is cold applied (and so with no heat created any chance of damage being caused in the installation process is removed). The roofs come with lengthy guarantees, are only ever installed by experts but also help any customer save money by removing the need to remove the old roof and start from scratch.


Whatever the project, whether it is residential, commercial, a public building or bespoke, please do get in touch so we can discuss your individual needs.


Call us on 01423 886495 or visit our Contact Page.





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