Topseal Direct Lay primer is laid directly onto a clean, dry and structurally sound substrate (concrete, felt, GRP or asphalt). Used with 600g/m2 roofing-grade reinforcement mat, roofing resin and topcoat. This Topseal system provides you with an overlay roofing system suitable for refurbishment roofs.

Topseal Direct Lay Primer
Topseal Roofing Resin
Topseal Roofing Resin
600/m2 Reinforcement
Topcoat Topcoat
Pre-existing Substrate

The Topseal Direct Lay System is a ground-breaking liquid-applied GRP roofing system for new build and refurbishment flat roofing projects.

This seamless, BBA-certified system can be specified for almost any project regardless of size or complexity, without the inconvenience of removing the existing roof when used for refurbishment or directly onto tissue-backed insulation for a warm-roof configuration.

Topseal Direct Lay, can be applied directly to a range of materials including felt, asphalt, concrete, GRP and tissue-backed insulation and all components are completely cold-applied, which eliminates the risks associated with the use of heat or flames used during installation. As with all Topseal systems, Topseal Direct Lay is only installed by Topseal trained and approved installers and the system comes with a 20 guarantee of workmanship and material performance.

Key Features

  • 20 year optional guarantee protection certificate
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee available
  • BBA-certified flat roofing system
  • Suitable for refurbishment roofing projects
  • Suitable for new build projects
  • Warm roof configuration available by direct installation onto tissue-backed insulation
  • Suitable to direct lay onto felt, asphalt, concrete, GRP and tissue-backed insulation
  • Cold liquid applied reinforced membrane
  • Installed by Topseal trained and approved installers only
  • Minimal disruption on site and no landfill as no removal of the pre-existing roof is necessary
  • No new decking boards required
  • Minimized risk of water penetration into the building during installation
  • Even faster installation than a standard GRP system
  • Full range of BS/RAL colour topcoats
  • Available with anti-slip finishes
  • Specification and technical assistance available



Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number.