Topseal Systems can only be installed by Trained and Approved Topseal Installers nationwide. Technical inspections are carried out to ensure that our high standards are being maintained.

Contact details of local installers who are located in the region of your project are available on request.

2 x 450g/m2 Topseal Roofing Laminate
Drainage/moisture retention layer
GreenTop substrate
GreenTop sedum
Caledonian pebble border
Retention strip
Drainage retention strip

The Topseal GreenTop system comprises of a waterproofing Topseal laminate consisting of 2 x 450g/m2 Topseal Roofing Grade Reinforcement Mat saturated with Topseal Roofing Resin.

When the laminate has cured (normally within 1 hour) it is over-coated with Topseal Topcoat. If the green roof tray system is used Topseal HD system (1 x 600g/m2 Topseal roofing grade reinforcement mat ) can be used.

Upstands / Edge Trims / Corners Details
For ease of detailing, a range of preformed Topseal edge trims are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit most changes in direction and termination points. These are installed in accordance with our recommendations. Once fitted they are overlapped by the main laminate to provide a completely seamless system

Every Topseal Green Top installation is backed by our class leading 25 year materials guarantee for the waterproofing layer and a 1 year guarantee for the green roof section as supplied by a 3rd party.

Each installation can also be covered by Topseal’s optional guarantee protection certificate and Insurance backed guarantee.

Key Features

  • Complete Green Roof roofing system
  • Cold applied – no heat or naked flames
  • Quick curing – fast application rate
  • Completely seamless – no joints or seams
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Fully reinforced – flexible
  • Suitable for flat (zero falls) / pitched roofs
  • Topseal waterproofing is guaranteed for 25 years
  • 1 Year guarantee on green roof section (3rd party supplier guarantee)
  • BBA independent certification
  • EXT.F.AA Fire Rated to BS476: Part 3
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 registered
  • Isocyanate and Halogen free
  • No toxic rainwater run-off
  • Tough laminate – does not require additional root protection
  • Green roof tray system available
  • Sedum, wildflower and brown roof finish available



Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number.