On flat roof areas subject to occasional maintenance foot traffic, an aggregate or anti-slip finish can be applied to minimise the risk of a slip or fall. For walkways or balconies the Topseal HD System is recommended with an anti-slip finish

Vapour check /12mm Ext. Ply sub-deck
18mm OSB3 deck
450g/m2 Reinforcement Mat
Topseal Roofing Resin
Topseal Topcoat Layer
Topseal GRP Edge Trim
Topseal Roofing Resin

The Topseal system comprises of a waterproofing laminate consisting of 450g/m2 Topseal Roofing Grade Reinforcement Mat saturated with Topseal Roofing Resin.

When the laminate has cured (normally within 1 hour) it is over-coated with Topseal Topcoat.

Upstands / Edge Trims / Corners Details
For ease of detailing, a range of preformed Topseal edge trims are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit most changes in direction and termination points.

These are installed in accordance with our recommendations. Once fitted they are overlapped by the main laminate to provide a completely seamless system.

Upstands / Edge Trims / Corners Details
Every Topseal installation is backed by our class leading 25 year materials guarantee and is supported by the installer’s guarantee on workmanship for the same period. Topseal HD is available for applications where a 30 year materials and workmanship guarantee is required. Each installation can also be covered by Topseal’s optional guarantee protection certificate and Insurance backed guarantee

Key Features

  • Guaranteed for 25 years
  • BBA certified
  • EXT.F.AA Fire Rated to BS476: Part 3
  • Good environmental credentials
  • ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 registered
  • Cold applied – no heat or naked flames
  • Quick curing – fast application rate
  • Completely seamless – no joints or seams
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Fully reinforced – flexible
  • Suitable for flat (zero falls) / pitched roofs
  • Full range of BS4800/RAL colours available – including Simulated lead and copper finish.
  • Isocyanate and halogen free
  • Available with anti-slip finish
  • No toxic rainwater run-off

GRP Roofing

GRP fibreglass roofing is now one of the most popular roofing systems in the world and used on both domestic and commercial properties.

Easy to lay down and highly durable, it is also a cost-effective roofing system that delivers a strong return on investment for customers. It is particularly important for commercial properties where large roof areas are covered and costs need to be controlled.

What is GRP Fibreglass Roofing?

GRP stands for glass-reinforced polyester, commonly known as fibreglass. It comprises a mix of polyester resin combined with more solid strands of fibre mat that are combined to produce a laminated cover that is both highly waterproof and durable

What Are the Benefits of GRP Roofing?

The reason that GRP roofing is used in construction so much is that it is less complex to install than other systems that are available. Firstly, it is cold applied which means you do not have to use any heat at all. Roofing systems that are applied hot are certainly trickier and have inherent risks associated with them.

  • One of the biggest reasons from a customer point of view of using GRP roofing, however, is its durability. You can expect your roof to last for several decades if you have it installed professionally. Many companies, including Topseal, offer extended warranties for their products, in some cases, up to 40 years.
  • Another reason for liking GRP roofing is that it is lightweight. This is particularly important for large commercial properties with expansive areas of flat roof. The lighter your roof, the less pressure it is putting on the infrastructure below.
  • Because the roof covering is being added in liquid form, it hardens as one solid surface without joints. That means there is less chance of damage in weak areas from developing and causing leaks. If repairs do need to be carried out at a later date, these are easier to achieve and usually have a localised solution that involves laying down an extra layer of resin.
  • Finally, GRP roofing looks good. Modern treatments come in a range of colours and the roofing area is relatively easy to keep clean. That is why it’s not only used for straight roofing but for locations such as walkways and roof gardens as well.




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