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Installing a new roof on your property can seem like a huge undertaking. At Topseal, we’ve developed the perfect flat roof systems for your property, high-performance products that are built to last.

  • Our Topseal GRP flat roof systems are ideal for both new and existing domestic and commercial properties.
  • They can be used for small areas as well as for large, industrial roofing.
  • Our flat roof systems are cold applied and can be installed in a matter of days at a competitive cost.

Our installers operate across the UK and have all attended our intensive training course.

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    The first time most people notice a problem with their roof is when it starts leaking. While maintenance can help solve this issue, if you have an old flat roof, it pays to replace or upgrade it. For businesses in particular finding a quick and durable solution is essential.

    • We only allow trained installers to use our products which means you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality installation that is built to last and which is backed by the team at Topseal.
    • Topseal new roofs are specifically designed for quick installation and come with 20-40 year workmanship guarantees, depending on the type of product used.
    • Because they are cold applied, they do not present the risk that other roof systems do and, even for large commercial projects, installation can be completed relatively quickly.

    With different ranges of flat roof systems, Topseal products cover all the bases for both commercial and domestic customers.

    Whether you want to create a standard roof on your property or have a hardwearing walkway or green roof, you can be sure that our systems are not only high-performance but durable and fit for purpose, giving you complete peace of mind.


    If you have an existing flat roof and want to refurbish it, Topseal GRP flat roof systems are also the perfect solution. The great news is that fibreglass roofing can be used on any shape roof and, as it is cold applied, the process virtually eliminates the risk of damage that comes with systems that use products such as bitumen.

    Flat roofs can become damaged in a variety of ways. Wear and tear over time is the most common and finding a cost-effective solution is critical if you suddenly find that your roof is leaking or requires repairs.

    Topseal is the ideal roofing system for refurbishments and can be used on a variety of properties from small domestic roofs to larger commercial areas.

    You may, for instance, want to repair damage to prevent leaking but you might also like to upgrade the surface at the same time. That could mean laying down a new roof that can be used for creating a green space, for example.

    Or you might want to utilise the roof space for your business and create a walkway. This is particularly popular with businesses such as restaurants and bars where space can be at a premium. Topseal roof systems allow you to create a durable and watertight area that is expected to last 20 years or more.

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    Why Choose  Topseal?

    • For nearly 30 years, we’ve been developing high-grade flat roofing systems for both domestic and commercial properties.
    • Our quality products have been installed across millions of square feet around the UK by our professional, trained operatives.

    We haven’t just created a roofing system and put it out for anyone to use. We want to make sure that we maintain quality control which is why our installers must pass our intensive training course and be entered onto our register.

    All our roofing systems come with full BBA certification and up to 40 years materials and workmanship guarantee which means you can have complete peace of mind that your roof is built to last.

    Approved Roofing System
    Approved Roofing System

    Find Topseal Installers

    We give each of our registered Topseal installers a unique verification number. When you search for a Topseal installer in your area, all you need to do is enter that number on our website and confirm that they are registered with us.

    Whether you need a new flat roof or a refurbishment, Topseal systems deliver exceptional quality, come at a competitive price and can be laid quickly by professional teams, whether it’s a large commercial roof or a smaller domestic one.



    Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number.

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