Essex Flat Roofing – the only way is Topseal

Essex Flat Roofing – the only way is Topseal

When you search for flat roofing in Essex, you will come up with hundreds of results and dozens

of companies all offering to install their product.

You might already have looked at some of these pages, and now you’re here. Against all that competition, what makes Topseal stand out; why should you consider our range of products?

The answer boils down to three things: a range of products that are the gold standard for fibreglass flat roofing not just in Essex, but the whole UK; the installation itself, always undertaken by approved installers who have undergone rigorous training; and the level of guarantee you will get with any roof.

We will talk a little more about all of those but, if you just want to discuss your flat roof requirements in Essex get in touch with us on 01423 886495.

Flat Roofing Essex – a Range of Options

Topseal Roofs are not just one product, they are a range, with each one suited to slightly different types of jobs, covering residential, commercial, public buildings and any other type of building or project where a fibreglass flat roof is desired. Cumulatively, our products have been fitted as more than 1 million square metres of roofing during the past 20 years

You can see the full range by heading to the About page, while there is also a wealth of information to digest in our brochure, you can download that by hitting this link.

Of course, you might not be at all sure which product is the right one for your needs; that is where we can help.

Call us for an obligation-free chat and we can talk through the options and give thought to which one is most suitable.

All the roofs are hard-wearing, fire retardant and of course water resistant to the most exacting of standards.

BBA Certified Flat Roofs in Essex

Every claim on this site is backed up by testing from the British Board of Agreements, you can see our certificate on their site – here is a direct link to the certificate and report on Topseal (it will open as a pdf file)

Perhaps most important to customers looking for flat roofing in Essex is how long the roofs will last. We expect any Topseal roof, regardless of which

specific product it is, to last more than100 years.

However, the quality of the product can be irrelevant if the installation is not up to scratch. That is why Topseal roofs can only be installed by fully-approved installers who have been trained and had their first few jobs assessed.

Our entire business, built over decades, is based on word of mouth reputation and quality service. That is why we cannot allow just anyone to install our roofs, we have to be certain they showcase our roofs in the best light.

A quality installation is also essential as our roofs come with lengthy guarantees. Every Topseal roof has at least a 20-year guarantee while some come with 40-year guarantees as standard.

We can only offer such lengthy guarantees because they are called into action so rarely – if we gave 40-year guarantees and had a sub-optimal product we would quickly go out of business.

On this site there is a lot more information about Topseal roofs. It might be, though, that you’re now at the stage where it would be helpful to talk to someone, whether it is to find a local roofing installer in Essex or just to get a bit more information.

Please do get in touch by calling us on 01423 886495 or drop us a note. We look forward to discussing your flat roofing needs.



Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number.