Fibreglass Flat Roofing Systems

Fibreglass Flat Roofing Systems

GRP flat roofing systems are a special kind of covering using fibreglass that is designed to be durable and protective. Here we take a closer look at what they are and why you should choose Topseal GRP flat roofing systems.

What is a GRP Flat Roofing Systems?

There are a variety of different systems available but by far the most popular nowadays is Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP flat roofing. It’s not only a really strong system, it can be quickly installed and doesn’t add too much weight to the roof. This latter consideration is important if you are installing a flat roof over a large area or using it as walkway where there is likely to be plenty of footfall.

The durability of flat roofing systems is an important aspect of their design. In many cases, you should expect your roof to last at least a couple of decades. In some instances, you can even expect them to last a lifetime. GRP is less likely to crack or get damaged, even when it is installed on larger, more complex roof constructions.

Topseal GRP Flat Roofing Systems

Topseal are one of the leading UK manufacturers of flat roofing systems. With more than three decades experience in the industry, our aim is to provide a roofing solution that is cost-effective, durable and fit for purpose.

Key to the success of our GRP flat roofing systems is not just that they are BBA certified but that all our installers are properly trained to use our products.

If you are homeowner, for example, the Topseal flat roofing system can be used for areas like conservatories and extensions. Our products are also used on a wide range of commercial premises from warehouse roofs and office blocks to balconies and walkways.

Depending on the product you choose, your flat roofing system will come with a 20 to 40-year workmanship guarantee which will give you peace of mind that the installation is built to last. We actually believe that your Topseal GRP flat roof will last a whole lifetime.

The product can be used on a range of different buildings and tailored to specific designs. Our GRP roofing systems have even been used on listed buildings. Not only that, our GRP flat roofing systems are fire retardant and UV resistant. They’re also environmentally sustainable with no heat required to install them on any size roof.

If you are looking for the right flat roofing system for your property, it’s important to choose a product that you can rely on, confident that it will last for many years. Whether you are replacing an existing flat roof or building something new, when you choose an approved Topseal GRP flat roofing system installer, you can be sure that you are getting both quality, durability and value for money.







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