Flat Roof Extension: Topseal the No.1 Choice

Flat Roof Extension: Topseal the No.1 Choice

A flat roof extension is the most practical, hard-wearing, economical and versatile form of extension.


With a flat roof extension, there are no ongoing maintenance costs. No need to factor in potential repairs and no danger of issues occurring inside the extension – the risk of mould or damp occurring due to an issue with the roof is eradicated.


Flat roofs are now used as the go-to option for hundreds of thousands of extensions in the UK and of those roofs, it is Topseal fibreglass roof products that dominate the market.


Flat Roof Options


Our range of flat roof options – and we will talk about the range a little in this page – have been installed across millions of square metres of roofs on domestic and commercial properties.


All our roofs come with a minimum of a 20-year guarantee for both the materials and the workmanship and we expect them to last far beyond this period. The roofs are also only installed by accredited, trained Topseal-approved installers.


We will talk a little more about Topseal and the benefits of flat roof extensions in the remainder of this post.


However, if you wish to get in touch to discuss your requirements please contact us by calling 01423 886495 or sending us a message online.


Flat Roof Extension – The Leading Product


At Topseal, we have more than 25 years’ experience in producing flat roofs for a huge range of projects including domestic housing, commercial roofs, green projects, iconic buildings and even on projects featured on Grand Designs.


During that time, flat roofs have become ever more versatile, ever more suited to any style of project.


When opting for a flat roof extension, especially one using a product from the Topseal range, there are a number of key advantages, namely:


Seamless Flat Roof


  • A seamless roof. The roof is laid as one seamless skin and so there are no weak spots where water can ingress. The whole roof is a perfectly sealed unit and so is guaranteed to keep the elements out and survive the very worst the UK climate has to throw at it.


Flat Roof Styles


  • A range of styles and colours. Gone are the days when a flat roof was about practicality and not a whole lot more, they are also now a stylish option. The roofs can be made in a huge range of colours and finishes while also designed to work with the contours of your house or building.Rather talking at length about the style options, it is better to point you in the direction of our online gallery, this includes a huge number of flat roof extension projects across all types of buildings – commercial and residential.


Durable Flat Roofs


  • The least you should expect of any roof is that it is durable and yet problems exist with many. Tiles blow off, leaks develop around seams, repairs can be expensive and also lead to redecorating work inside the property.Topseal flat roofs are incredibly durable which is why the minimum guarantee is 20-years and some products come with 40-year guarantees. In truth, we expect any of our roofs to last a lifetime.


  • We offer a range of products from the Topseal Direct Lay – a product which can be used to repair failed roofs or go on to an existing roof substrate through to Topseal standard, Topseal HD and the Topseal DoubleTop. When using one of our more durable roofing options, either Topseal HD or Topseal DoubleTop, the flat roof area can also double as a seating or balcony area. By using this option, space truly is maximised and every part of the flat roof extension becomes a stunning feature.


Quality Assured


  • Quality assured installation. At Topseal, we run an intensive GRP training programme and it is only through attending sessions and having work assessed that any company become Topseal approved installers. Given the length of our guarantees it is essential that any installation is of a high quality – companies can only offer lengthy guarantees if they rarely have issues with their products.


Accredited Flat Roofs


  • Fully regulated and approved. Topseal roofs have full BBA certification and we are ISO: 14001 and 9001 certified. Our products are all fire retardant and completely UV resistant. They are also environmentally sustainable by design and are cold applied – with no heat created during the fitting there is no prospect of damage to any other part of the roof or extension structure.


You can see examples of Topseal flat roof extensions in our case studies section of the site.


We also have a full online gallery with sub sections for domestic, commercial and more – here you can see many examples of flat roof extensions, there is sure to be something similar to what you have in mind.


On this site, there is more information including technical specification and a full guide to the differences between our roofing products – hit the Roofing Products drop down in the menu.


However, if you are considering a flat roof extension, please do get in touch for an obligation-free conversation to discuss your options.


Contact us by calling 01423 886495 or sending us a message online.





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