GRP Installers London

GRP Installers London

When you search for GRP Installers London many results come up, dozens of companies are displayed who seem to have the requisite skills.

Out of all these companies, why do we stand out at Topseal? Why do we think we can safely claim to be the No.1 GRP installers in London?

We believe these are the factors that make us a compelling choice.

Peace of mind through lengthy guarantees – all our installs come with a 20-40 year product & workmanship guarantee and there is an optional insolvency guarantee against workmanship.

A track record as GRP Installers in London – our approved installers have fitted millions of square metres of our GRP roofing across the last two decades.

Versatile GRP Installers

Complete versatility – our products have been used on new builds, as replacement roofs and even on listed buildings and some of London’s most iconic buildings. To find out more about our range of products visit this page.

Our GRP Installers in London are all approved and have all been through our rigorous training programme.

We also make courtesy calls after completion to check everything has been carried out to the customer’s satisfaction.

Long Lasting GRP Roofs

As you would expect of a product with a minimum 20 year warranty, they are fire retardant and UV resistant; in 20 years’ time your roof will still look in great shape.

And we offer incredible choice – there are hundreds of different colours and shades and we also offer a bespoke roof service.

To have a look at our roof planning tool, which will help you get the perfect finish to match your needs, follow the links below.

Domestic roof planning

Commercial roof planning

You can see full specifications of our products by following this link, One of our main advantages as previously mentioned is the versatility, Topseal has been installed as a GRP roof on all manner of builds; to get a sense of this versatility have a look at our gallery page.

We have also put together a full list of FAQs to answer any queries you might have about Topseal or GRP Installers in London.

Wondering what the maximum or minimum pitch is? Not sure if the guarantee is transferable if you sell the property? (it is!), wonder what BBA approval is?

All the answers and more are in our FAQs page.

At Topseal, we are the leading UK providers of GRP roofing and guarantee a quality installation.

Below are a few key links and if you want to discuss your requirements please call us on

01423 886495.

– Download the Topseal brochure.

– The Topseal guarantee



Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number.