GRP Roofing Courses

GRP Roofing Courses

Are you looking for GRP Roofing Courses?

If you are, there is good news and bad news – the good news is that you won’t be short of options, Google returns a huge number of results when you search for GRP Roofing Courses.

The bad news is that you now have to choose from all those results. On the face of it, everyone seems to offer something similar, everyone promises that you will be able to fit GRP roofs after completing their training.

However, only one training provider can enable you to fit the UK’s leading, most popular fibreglass flat roof products.

That is where we come in, train with Topseal and you will not only be going on a superb, comprehensive GRP Roofing Course, you will also then be able to fit Topseal roofs, trading on their reputation for quality.

We are not going to comment on the quality of other GRP Roofing Courses, some will be superb, run by highly experienced installers. Ours stand out because of what they lead to, being trained in installing these roofs is only half the battle, after that you need to source customers.

By becoming part of the Topseal network you go into our database. This means that when a customer is looking for an approved Topseal installer – and only approved installers can work with our products – your name will appear. With the number of companies holding accreditation closely monitored to avoid saturation in any area, this ensures that there is always local, quality work for each of our approved installers.


GRP Roofing Courses – Why Choose Topseal?



We have already mentioned our status as the UK’s leading supplier of GRP Roofing, this comes from having more than 25 years’ experience; experience which is passed on in our training.

At a one-day training session, held in our centre at Harrogate, you will, of course, learn how to install the full range of flat roof systems, but you will also get advice on how your new accreditation can boost your business.

With this accreditation, you will have access to products which have been fitted on more than a million square metres of roof. That is clear, proven demand.

However, we have jumped ahead slightly, first, there is the training course itself to pass.

The course is one intensive day – there is a lot to get through, it is a long, tough day but this seems preferable to spreading the course over two or three days with the ensuing increase in costs – including hotels of course. Our aim is not to make profits from GRP roofing courses, we want to find quality installers who can fit our range while building on our outstanding reputation.

We need to be sure that anyone passing the course is of sufficient standard – as every Topseal install comes with a 20-year guarantee, it is important that jobs are done to the highest standard. This is doubly true when so much of our business comes from word of mouth recommendation and through positive online reviews.

On this site, there is a lot more information and we will also offer further details about GRP roofing courses below – alternatively, if you just want to get on with it please call us on 01423 886495, or fill out the contact form here.


Our GRP Roofing Course – and what happens afterwards

GRP, or Glass Reinforced Polyester, is the correct name for those fibreglass flat roofs seen right around the UK.

Once you have taken our training, and let’s assume you pass, you will be able to start installing Topseal roofs. You will, though, then go through a further approval process.

All this means is that we will come and inspect your first two jobs. If you paid full attention to the course you should be fine (here’s where we find who was talking at the back…), while we will, of course, talk you through any small issues and give advice on how to rectify.

Once those first two jobs have been fully signed off, that’s it. You are free to fly the nest, go and installTopseal roofs leaving a trail of happy customers and five-star reviews.

To help you on your way, you will receive a wide variety of resources, namely…

● A certificate to show you are an approved Topseal installer

● Branded & certified materials

● Technical support

● Full sales and marketing support which briefly includes: – Brochures, flyers, van
stickers, sales sample case

● You will be added to the Topseal approved-installer database, this means that for jobs in Cheshire  for example (and surrounding areas) you will be one of the companies’ customers turn to. The jobs will often come to you rather than you having to go looking for them.

● Access to purchase Topseal Direct Lay which is exclusive to Topseal Installers

You will have the full Topseal range at your disposal following your GRP Roofing Course, one of the key ones being Topseal Direct Lay.

Designed for the flat roof refurbishment and repair market, this system is a cost-effective solution that is long lasting. It is also a product loved by business and residential customers alike, as both the sales invoices and reviews prove.

To install the direct lay system, there is no need to rip up the old roof; instead, the new product simply goes over the top. Disruption is kept to a minimum and can be fitted on various surfaces including felt, asphalt, concrete and tissue-faced insulation.

To give customers peace of mind, all materials are BBA certified and comes with a minimum 20-year guarantee.

The roofs are safe, UV resistant and fire retardant. They are also stylish (yes, roofs can be stylish), they come in more than 100 colours. Roofs coming in over 100 colours, surely even the choosiest customer can find the colour of their dreams in a range that wide.

You can see some Topseal roofing products here.

If you want to know more, please have a look round the site and do get in touch to chat through any questions you might have.

Call us today to find out more on 01423 886495, or fill out the contact form here.







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