First for Flat Roof Installation

First for Flat Roof Installation

At Topseal, we are the UK’s leading provider of  fibreglass roofs, with products suitable for every type of building from domestic to commercial through to specialist projects including buildings of special interest and green projects.

Our products have been fitted on millions of square metres of roofing across the UK and, while much of that is new roofing, we also have flat roofing Installation options that are truly revolutionary. We are rightly considered leaders in the art of flat roof construction.

Installing flat roofs with Topseal get the same lengthy guarantees as a new roof – a minimum of a 20-year guarantee for the product and fitting carried out by approved, trained installers.

We will go into further detail on flat roof installations on this page, including details of some case studies.

However, if you simply wish to get in touch to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01423 886495.

Flat Roof Installation – Topseal Direct Lay

The Topseal Direct Lay flat roof is ground-breaking product that can be used both on new

build installations and refurbishment and repair projects.

When there is a requirement for a flat roof, the use of Direct Lay means there is no need to remove the old roof, instead the new one is cold-applied on top.

The end product is a durable, hard-wearing flat roof that is fully BBA approved and has a full 20-year guarantee.

There are many benefits to this roofing system.

  • The cost is kept down as there is no need to remove and dispose of the old roof and the existing roof structure is utilised.
  • The fact it is cold applied removes any risk of damage being caused by flames or heat during the installation process.
  • The lack of upheaval during the installation means that business can often carry on uninterrupted while the work is carried out, the speed of installation also greatly reduces any risk of water ingress during the work.
  • whether it is a new flat roof or replacement or repair, work is only ever undertaken by fully approved installers. With the length of our guarantees, covering both parts, roofing materials and the flat roof, we cannot afford installations to be sub standard, which is why only quality fitters are trusted. We are also fully aware that our reputation rests as much on the installation as it does the product itself.
  • All Topseal roofs are fire retardant and fully UV resistant.
  • These are also roofs that can blend in with any project, with thousands of colours and shades available – that is why they are used in all types of settings and have featured on Grand Designs.

At Topseal we also have the experience to help you choose the correct type of flat roof. As well as the Direct Lay, we have other flat roofing options, each one suitable for different projects.

The standard Topseal flat roofing is durable with a long life expectancy. That’s why there’s a 25-year guarantee.

It is a suitable for many projects, while the HD and Double Top options are even harder wearing flat roof coverings, coming with guarantees of up to 40 years.

It is possible to see how each type of Topseal roof has been used in our case studies page – St Andrew’s Church is a great example of the Direct Lay system in operation. Driffield School is another example of Direct Lay.

Installing a Flat Roof  – Put the UK’s Leading Product To The Test


At Topseal, we are proud that our products have been fitted on millions of square metres of roofing.

We have products for every type of roofing requirement, but it is our flat roof system, Direct Lay, which is truly ground breaking.

There is simply no rival product which delivers a great roof for the same cost, with so little upheaval.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.Call us on 01423 886495.





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