Commercial Flat Roofing – Quality Assured

Commercial Flat Roofing – Quality Assured

When looking for Commercial Flat Roofing, the Topseal range of flat roof systems stand apart.


Topseal roofs have been fitted across millions of square metres of roof in the UK during the past 25 years.


Our range of commercial roofing products are suitable for all types of commercial buildings and projects.


The roofs are all BBA certified and only ever installed by approved installers – this is why roofs have a minimum of a 20-year guarantee, while the Topseal Double Top has a 40-year guarantee, this for parts and workmanship. We expect every roof installed to last a life time.


Innovative Commercial Flat Roofs


We also have a commercial roofing product called Direct Lay, this designed to replace and repair existing roofs.


Direct Lay is revolutionary because there is no need to remove the old roof, instead, the cold applied new roof goes on top, creating a roof that is watertight and guaranteed for 20 years. The end product is a roof the same standard as a completely new one.


With all our roofs cold applied, this is a commercial roofing that can be fitted with minimal disruption to business. The lack of heat also ensures that any risk of damage is completely removed.


To find out more about Topseal commercial roofing, arrange a quote or find a local approved installer please call us on call us on 01423 886495 or visit our Contact Page.



Commercial GRP Roofing – Suitable For All projects


To get a sense of how Topseal has been used in commercial projects, head to our Case Studies page. Here you can see details of Topseal used on a wide range of building systems, with examples of the Topseal standard systems, Topseal HD, Topseal Double Top and Direct Lay.


While Direct Lay is the product used for refurbishment roofs, the other systems are suitable for any new roof, the difference between each product being the level of durability.


The standard system is suitable in the majority of cases but for projects where there is extreme wear and the roof needs to be able to accommodate heavy foot traffic either the more durable HD or Double Top might be more suitable.


As the name implies, the Double Top is two layers of reinforcement mat rather than the usual one.


You can get full specification details for our roofs on site while to see the differences between each form of Topseal flat roof see the inks below.


Topseal HD

Topseal Double Top

Topseal Direct Lay

Topseal Green Top

Quality is assured. Every Topseal roof will be installed by a highly-trained installer – to work with our products it is required to undergo training and then to have early work vetted and signed off.

To arrange a quote for your commercial roofing project please Call us on 01423 886495 or visit our Contact Page.





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