Technical Details

The Topseal systems can be used on practically any type of roof including small dormer and bay windows right through to large commercial projects. Topseal can also be used for a variety of waterproofing requirements including water containment for pools and ponds.

See below the technical build-up, of each Topseal system.


The Topseal high-performance roofing system is suitable for nearly all roofing applications and can be specified to the latest Part L regulations. The Topseal system uses a 450g/m2 roofing – grade reinforcement mat along with our roofing resins and topcoats for the finest roofing system that money can buy.

Topseal HD

The Topseal Heavy Duty system is suitable for most roofing applications and also areas that will be subjected to frequent foot traffic including balconies and walkways. The Topseal HD System uses 600g/m2 roofing-grade reinforcement mat along with Topseal roofing resins, trims and topcoats. A non-slip finish can also be applied for foot traffic areas.

Topseal Double-Top

Topseal DoubleTop is designed for projects that require extreme durability. The system can be used for almost any roofing application with our 2x 450g/m2 roofing grade reinforcement mat and Topseal trims, resins and topcoats.

Topseal GreenTop

Topseal GreenTop is the complete green roofing system with an option of either sedum or wildflower finish. The Topseal waterproofing layer for this system is made up of the Topseal DoubleTop system including 2 x 450g/m2 reinforcement mat and Topseal trims, resins and topcoats.

Topseal Direct Lay

The Topseal Direct Lay system has been designed specifically for the refurbishment roof market. The Topseal Direct Lay system is made up of Topseal primer with Topseal 600g/m2 reinforcement mat and specially formulated Topseal trims, roofing resins and topcoats.

If you are unsure of which Topseal system is most suitable for your project, contact our friendly technical team on 01423 886495 for assistance on specifying the correct system.

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